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Manufacturing Diffuser Bottles Since 1987

Searching for a one-stop shop to meet all of your diffuser bottles and jars requirements? Daxin is your best option. We provide unmatched competence in production, service, and customisation as a top diffuser bottle producer.

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We take satisfaction in being an ISO9001-certified manufacturer with SGS/TUV/Intertek-certified diffuser bottles and jars.

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Over 5,000 Private Molds

5,000 Types of Bottles & Jars

Start with Low as 1,000 MOQ

30-35 Days to Fulfill Order

Endless Possibilities to Make Diffuser Bottles Excellent

We specialize in creating custom diffuser bottles tailored to your precise specifications, including color, size, shape, and surface finish.

Dedicated to Manufacturing Quality Diffuser Bottle Since 1987

One-Stop Solution

From stock items to custom products, we’ve got you covered.

International Certified Quality

We are equipped to comply with many nations’ export requirements and certificates.

Wide Custom Options

Including color, size, shape, and surface finish etc.

Fast Manufacturing

Choose your design, and we can finish mold tooling within 10 days.

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    Make Your Diffuser Bottles Unique

    You can tailor the capacity, color, shapes, and finishes to your exact specifications, ensuring your bottle perfectly suits your needs.


    Our manufacturing expertise extends from 5ml to 1000ml, giving you the freedom to customize the perfect volume for your diffuser bottles.


    Our personalized diffuser bottles are available in a variety of hues, from traditional amber and green to brilliant blue and yellow, or any other color of your choice, to make your products stand out.


    Enhance your brand’s visual appeal with our decorative finishes such as hot stamping, coating, and acid-etching.


    Let our creative design team work with you to discover special and tailored shapes that properly meet your demands.


    Utilize our customizable choices to adjust the diffuser bottle’s hardness and smoothness to your preferences.


    Your custom diffuser bottle design depends on choosing the right diffuser and closures.

    Why Choose Us

    You deserve the best partner like us.

    OEM/ODM Easier

    Based on your cost, turnaround, and demand, we offer customized diffuser bottle solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to get started.


    Services to the Best

    We offer a series of services from start to finish such as project management, packaging and labeling and more to ensure a peace of mind purchasing.

    Manufacturing Fast

    The mold will be finished in 10 days, and the production will be completed in about 30-35 days to help the product reach the market faster.

    Glass Diffuser Bottle Manufacturing

    Having 36 years of experience, we ensure stable and consistent quality production, overcoming various challenges, and delivering excellent diffuser
    bottles and jars.

    Witness Quality Inside Out

    Clearity & Toughness

    Our diffuser bottles and jar boast excellent clearity and toughness with quality raw materials.

    High Precision

    Built from precise molds, our diffuser bottles and jars with high precision in dimension, capacity, and shapes.

    Consistent Quality

    With advanced machines and rigorous inspection, we can guarantee consistent quality all the time.

    Quality Certificates at a Glance

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    ISO 9001:2005

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    Five-star after-sales service

    Daxin's ISO9001 certification 03

    ISO 45001:2018

    Daxin's ISO9001 certification 04

    ISO 14001:2015

    Case Studies

    Perfume Bottle Design Logo Rectangle Glass Spray Bottle
    Transparent Glass Square Perfume Bottle with T-shape Cap
    30ml Clear Glass Square Perfume Bottle with Crown Cap

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    We are committed to sustainably providing quality diffuse bottles products and worry-free service to the global market, and always offer a simple and one-stop solution to help our customers succeed.

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    *We respect your confidentiality, and all information is protected.