Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

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Since 1987, we have been engaged in the design and production of glass bottles, and have gained extensive expertise to ensure top-quality results for your glass bottle needs.


We specialize in creating custom glass bottles tailored to your precise specifications, including color, size, shape, and surface finish.


Get competitive pricing while maintaining the highest standards of quality and adhering to all export regulations by working with us. Get in touch with us now to initiate your order!

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OEM/ODM Easier

Based on your cost, turnaround, and demand, we offer customized glass bottle solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to get started.  

Services to the Best

We offer a series of services from start to finish such as project management, packaging and labeling and more to ensure a peace of mind purchasing.

Manufacturing Fast

The mold will be finished in 10 days, and the production will be completed in about 30-35 days to help the product reach the market faster.

Make Your Glass Bottles Unique

With professional designer and rapid designing and engineering the possibilities to make your glass bottles unique are endless! You can tailor the capacity, color, shapes, and finishes to your exact specifications, ensuring your bottle perfectly suits your needs. Create a one-of-a-kind bottle that truly represents you today!


Our manufacturing expertise extends from 5ml to 1000ml, giving you the freedom to customize the perfect volume for your glass bottles.


Our personalized glass bottles are available in a variety of hues, from traditional amber and green to brilliant blue and yellow, or any other color of your choice, to make your products stand out.


Enhance your brand’s visual appeal with our decorative finishes such as hot stamping, coating, and acid-etching.


Let our creative design team work with you to discover special and tailored shapes that properly meet your demands.


Utilize our customizable choices to adjust the glass bottle’s hardness and smoothness to your preferences.


Your custom glass bottle design depends on choosing the right glass and closures.

Add Special Touches & Styles to Your Bottles

We have a strong supply chain system that allows us to perform multiple surface finishing techniques both internally and by collaborating with our secondary processing suppliers. Our service offerings include digital engraving, frosting, and silk screening, which provide unlimited possibilities for customizing your glass bottles it unique. We would be happy to assist you in achieving your desired final appearance.

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