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Sound Supply Chain Matters

Daxin has established a sound supply chain system and has only worked with top suppliers in glass bottles and jars industry. Our contemporary glass bottle factory has advanced manufacturing and a suite of secondary processing facilities, however we also work with qualified secondary processing factory to ensure rapid manufacturing and accessories outsourcing. After mass production, hassle-free freight parter can ensure punctual delivery.

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The best raw materials.

Secondary Processing >>

Hassle-free and fast turnaround.

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Help source accessories.

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Lower your freight forwarding cost.

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Best Raw Material Matters

Our glass bottles’ accuracy, polish, and robustness depend on premium raw materials. For our manufacturing, we recycle glass bottles and cullet from reputable vendors.

Any Secondary Processing

At our factory, we offer a wide range of post-processing options for our glass bottles. Plus, we collaborate with several post-processing facilities to ensure top-notch decoration, packaging, and more.

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Personalized Accessories Easy

For all your accessory and closure needs, we’re here to help. Contact us for purchasing and production assistance, and remember, we also support plastic bottle production.

Hassle-free Freight Forwarding

Trust us to deliver your glass bottles safely and efficiently. Partnering with a professional logistics company allows us to reduce transportation costs and ensure timely and secure delivery.

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