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We have been involved in the design and manufacture of glass jars since 1987,  accumulating a wealth of knowledge to guarantee the best outcomes for your glass jars requirements.


Custom glass jars made to your exact specifications—including color, size, shape, and surface finish—are our area of expertise.


By upholding the highest standards of quality, we provide low pricing and comply with all export laws. Contact us right now to start your purchase!

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OEM/ODM Easier

We provide tailor-made glass jars solutions to fit your specific requirements, taking into account your budget, turnaround time, and demand.


Services to the Best

Our range of services covers everything from project management to packaging and labeling, providing a hassle-free buying experience that gives you peace of mind.

Manufacturing Fast

The mold will be ready in 10 days, and production will be finished in approximately 30-35 days, allowing for quicker product launch into the market.

Make Your Glass Jars Unique

With professional designers and rapid designing and engineering, the possibilities to make your glass jars unique are endless! You may customize the capacity, color, forms, and finishes to your exact specifications, ensuring that your jar meets all your requirements. Today, make a one-of-a-kind glass jar that genuinely expresses you!


We have the ability to manufacture glass jars in various sizes, so you can choose the perfect volume for your needs.


Our personalized glass jars come in a range of colors, including traditional amber and green, as well as bright blue and yellow, or any other color of your choice, to help your products stand out.


To improve the visual appeal of your brand, we offer decorative finishes like hot stamping, coating, and acid-etching.


Strengthen your product line with our assortment of glass jar shapes, including classic cylinders and bespoke jar styles.


You can modify the hardness and smoothness of the glass jars to suit your preferences using our customizable options.


Selecting the appropriate glass and closures is crucial to achieving the ideal design for your custom glass jars.

Add Special Touches & Styles to Your Jars

We possess a robust supply chain system that enables us to conduct numerous surface finishing methods in-house or in partnership with our secondary processing providers. Our services consist of digital engraving, frosting, and silk screening, which offer limitless options to personalize and distinguish your packaging. We are delighted to help you accomplish your desired end look.

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