350ml 300ml Tea /Beverage /Fruit wine /Juice Simple Glass Bottle with Aluminum Cap

In our glass bottles you can store all kinds of liquids, whether water, juices, wine, liqueur, schnapps, vinegar oils, soft drinks, beer, spices, sauces, juice, smoothie, milk bottle water to fill yourself.
The glass bottles are made of high-quality thick glass which is completely neutral in taste and does not emit any taste or aroma to the liquids stored in it. Our glass bottle is clear. The practical bottle has a simple and reliable closure system, completely airtight and tightly sealed. It is airtight and therefore suitable for preserving or soda stream.

With 36 years of experience, we can tackle various technologies in making quality and elegant glass drink bottles.

Product Specs


350ml 300ml Tea /Beverage /Fruit wine /Juice Simple Glass Bottle with Aluminum Cap


Clear /Customized


Cylindrical / Customized


Box and Pallet

Can be customized


Silk screen printing, decal, UV, 3D printing, painting/coating color,

frosting, engraving, electroplating etc.


In stock goods: 1000pcs / Customized:10000pcs /

Custom finishing: 5000pcs

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