Square Shape 30ml 50ml 100ml Perfume Glass Spray Bottle

30ml 50ml 100ml perfume bottles are widely acceptable containers designed for holding perfume liquids, typically this square shape bottle with luxury elegant body. These bottles are commonly used for packaging various types of perfumes.

Durability: The durability of the bottle depends on the material used. Glass bottles provide a more premium and aesthetic feel.

With 36 years of experience, we can tackle various technologies in making quality and elegant glass perfume bottles.

Product Specs


Square Shape 30ml 50ml 100ml Perfume Glass Spray Bottle


Transparent / Customized


Square / Customized


Box and Pallet

Can be customized


Silk screen printing, decal, UV printing, polished, painting/coating color,

frosting, engraving, electroplating etc.


In stock goods: 1000pcs / Customized:10000pcs/

Custom finishing: 5000pcs

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