Top 9 Candle Jar Suppliers to Illuminate Your Business in 2024

In the buoyant sphere of home decoration, the candle sector is enjoying a robust growth, which is predicted to continue its upward trend by 2024. This rise testifies to the great significance of the quality candle jars as they are the paths to the business success. A high-grade candle jar is not only the place where the candle’s smell is held but it is also the one that enhances the user’s experience, which in turn results in greater customer satisfaction. Smart B2B customers, while looking for candle jars, pay attention to features of strength, beauty, and cost-efficiency. For example, a study (Source: (Candle Jar Market Insights) proved that 78% of the companies choose ecological materials, which is a sign of the turn towards greener options. Also, a study showed that jars with unique designs could increase the brand visibility by up to 60% which is a statement about the importance of choosing the right suppliers.

As we explore the details of leading candle jar suppliers, it’s vital to see how their wide range of products, including top sellers and target markets, influence business plans. Here we’ve compiled a list of top 9 candle jar suppliers for your reference during choosing candle jar suppliers. Continue reading!

Wholesale Candle Jars

Wholesale Candle Jars

Launched with a prime goal of providing premium candle jars at affordable prices to Canadian candle makers, Wholesale Candle Jars comes from a simple, yet powerful vision held by Amy. The vision is to make high-end candle jars more accessible across Canada, cutting the hassle and costs of paying duties. This program truly represents the notion of “Made in Canada by Canadians” and brings a local flavor to the industry besides creating a feeling of belonging.

Wholesale Candle Jar inventory is diverse and it has in stock 25 oz glass, 13 oz glass, 8 oz glass, and a specially designed 7 oz diamond jar. Besides the candle jars, they also make lids, diffusers, and sprays, thus, they can satisfy any desire of a customer to create a luxurious environment. Available in materials primarily focusing on glass, these jars come in an array of surface finishe–matte, transparent, translucent, frosted. What’s more, the new collection Mother of Pearl gives businesses plenty of options to choose from and to make them stand out. Each jar size has its advantages, with the smaller sizes being more portable and budget friendly, while bigger jars can serve as wonderful decorative items that add beauty to any place they are placed in.

Wholesale Candle Jars At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Founder: Amy
  • Mission: Make luxury candle jars more accessible across Canada.
  • Product Range: Candle jars, lids, diffusers, sprays
  • Material: Primarily glass
  • Finishes: Matte, Transparent, Translucent, Frosted, Mother of Pearl
  • Sizes: 25 oz glass, 13 oz glass, 8 oz glass, 7 oz diamond jar
London Luxury Candle Supplies LTD

London Luxury Candle Supplies LTD

Being the heart of London’s blossoming scent scene, London Luxury Candle Supplies LTD is a shining example of a place for small and large home fragrance companies. Being a supplier of home fragrance essentials that was born out of a passion for exquisite interior looks, this supplier has carved a niche by offering a wide range of home fragrance essentials, such as candle jars, wax, wicks and fragrance oils.The goal? To provide your candle and wax melt business with all of the tools you’ll need to be successful.

Getting to the bottom of their products, it is no wonder why London Luxury Candle Supplies is a gem. First of all, their candle jars, which are the most prominent item in the collection, are made of glass and ceramic, both of which are renowned for their sturdiness and beauty. Whether you prefer the quaintness of apothecary jars, the classic shape of tumblers, or the unique appeal of cloche jars and candle bowls, there’s a jar for every brand vision, from 100ml to a generous 1700ml. Color choices, amber, blue, black and frosted, aren not only about aesthetics; the black jars are for instance. They do not only give a sophisticated look to any decor but also serve an important function by protecting the wax from light, which helps the candle to melt evenly and thus increase the candle’s life—an evidence of the thoughtfulness behind each product.

London Luxury Candle Supplies LTD At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Focus: Home fragrance supplies
  • Product Range: Candle jars, fragrance oils, wicks, diffusers, wax melts & pillar candles, etc.
  • Materials: Glass, Ceramics
  • Types of Candle Jars: Apothecary, Classic Tumblers, Cloche, Candle Bowls, etc.
  • Sizes: 100ml-1700ml
  • Colors: Amber, Blue, Black, Frosted, White, etc.
  • Special Features: Customization with state-of-the-art printing, suitable for all business sizes
Candle Shack

Candle Shack

In the very heart of Scotland and behind the walls of West Carron Works, Candle Shack has been a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship since 2010. It is this family-owned gem which is a living proof of the perfect blend of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. It is here that the wax that adorns some of the most prestigious brands in the world is made, as well as the innovative EcoSystem wax and iMelt heating vessels, which were both developed in their own R&D laboratory.

Candle Shack’s product catalog features a wide variety of candle making supplies, such as fragrance and wax melt supplies, diffuser supplies, and an unmatchable selection of candle containers made from premium, eco-friendly materials. The range of their glass jars, from glossy to matte and plain to etched, and from the tiny 9cl to the generous 400g, will satisfy every possible requirement and style. Their color scheme, including hues like amber, blue, black, and frosted, provides a jar for every mood and setting. To mention a few collections of their products, there is the LOTTI and LAUREN. The “Nice Buns” LOTTI candle jar, available in 30cl LOTTI, is the delightful limited-edition jar from their gourmand-scented candle collection. This candle jar is perfect to spread some smiles and add a sprinkle of charm to your candles.

Candle Shack At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Location: West Carron, Central Scotland
  • Founded: 2010
  • Product Ranges: Candle containers (glass), candle jars, fragrance, wax melt supplies, diffuser supplies
  • Finishes: Glossy, Matte, Plain, Etched
  • Sizes: 9cl-400g
  • Colors: Amber, Blue, Black, Frosted, etc.
  • Collections: LOTTI, LAUREN
Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container

Founded in 1995, Fillmore Container has eventually become an essential part of not just the food and beverage sector but also the candle making industry. Tihs company has a rich history of serving a wide audience, ranging from enthusiastic hobbyists to large-scale manufacturers. The main products feature canning and candle jars in diverse sizes, shapes, and colors. With a customer-centric approach, Fillmore Container offers the flexibility to purchase candle jars without the stress of order minimums, making it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Exploring their diverse inventory, Fillmore Container offers a variety of glass jars and bottles from the 4 oz size to a larger 21.25 oz option, making sure there is something for every purpose. Their diverse selection of candle tins, ranging from the traditional mason jars to the special 7-day prayer candle jars, is quite impressive and caters to all your homemade candle-making needs. Whether you want to have a warm and cozy feel in the living room or you want to create candles for spiritual purposes, their diversity in products will help you to be creative and customize your candles with elegance. Besides that, their exclusive TruScent Fragrance Oils and top-quality soy container waxes from well-known companies like Cargill NatureWax® and AAK show their commitment to using the best materials for your candles.

Fillmore Container At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Founded: 1995
  • Location: Lancaster, PA
  • Product Range: Glass Jars & Bottles, Lids & Caps, Candle Supplies, Canning Accessories, Clearance & Deals
  • Specialties: Canning jars, Beverage storage, Essential oils & Aromatherapy containers, Candle-making supplies
  • Candle Jar Sizes: 4 oz-21.25 oz
  • Types of Candle Jars: Mason jars, 7-days prayer candle jars, etc.
  • Exclusive Products: TruScent Fragrance Oils
Candle Supply

Candle Supply

Candle Supply, the brand which is well-known for its quality among candle makers in Australia and New Zealand, started its business in late 2004, introducing a new era of candle making into this region. Candle Supply entered the market in 2005, when the first container of Soy Wax was imported to Australia. This was the beginning of a journey aimed at making candle making more enjoyable. Over the years, the company has been focused on educating and training about 4,000 candle makers, which is an evidence of its dedication to promoting and spreading of the art and joy of candle making. The evolution from a small business to a major rebranding and relaunch in 2011 that took place is a clear demonstration of the growth that this company has achieved and its sustained commitment to the craft.

Being diverse in customers, Candle Supply has a wide range of products that include candle making supplies and fragrance oils, gift boxes, home fragrancing, soap making supplies, bath & body essentials and so forth. Ceramics and glass are materials used in their candle jars collections, with each of them being designed to meet the needs of every taste and purpose. The Ceremonial candle glass tins and Amalfi Porcelain tins are the embodiment of the highest level of dignity. The Candela Metro Jars, on the other hand, are the ultimate in sleekness. Customers are really spoiled for choice. Such jars are offered lid options, considering wood or glass as the material of choice, to achieve a complete look that fits any decorating style.

Candle Supply At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Foundation Year: 2005
  • Location: Australia
  • Sizes: Small, medium and large
  • Specialization: Candle making supplies, fragrance oils, home fragrancing, bath & body supplies
  • Product Highlights: Glass and ceramics candle jars, Ceremonial candle glass jars, Amalfi Porcelain jars, Candela Metro Jars

Daxin glass bottle

From its inception in 1987, Daxin Glass Bottle has evolved into a formidable force in the glass packaging industry, with a solid 37-year production experience. What probably makes the Daxin brand stand out is the fact that it has a wide range of products like glass bottles for perfumes and essential oils, diffusers, cream lotions, not forgetting candle jars, and the food sector with beverage bottles, milk bottles, jam jars, storage containers, honey bottles, and wine bottles. Daxin puts sustainability first and shows that their recyclable glass material is 100% recyclable, each item being resilient enough to withstand up to 50 uses, which is the foundation for their commitment to the environment and product quality.

Daxin’s glass candle jars are accessible in sizes from 4 oz. to 250 ml and meet different customer requirements. The company offers a wide variety of customizations, like labels, colors, transparent jars, embossed patterns, and seasonal decorations, which allows the customer to make their jar totally original to the brand they are representing. The popularity of Daxin’s candle jars is due to the production capacity that the company possesses, which allows it to make up to 150 million 150g glass bottles or 120 million 200g bottles every year. The quality of their products is manifested in their uniform color that is made of high-grade raw materials such as silica with a minimal iron content of 0.005%, which is the reason why their glassware looks and feels premium. Besides, the wholesale prices are affordable for most of buyers. In addition, Daxin’s close customer service and the certification compliance like SGS testing and TUV certification for the clients in Europe also contribute to its market standing.

Daxin Glass Bottle At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Foundation: 1987
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: Glass bottles for perfumes and essential oils, diffusers, cream lotions; the food sector with beverage bottles, milk bottles, jam jars, storage containers, honey bottles, and wine bottles.
  • Production Excellence: Capable of producing up to 216 million units annually, utilizing 100% recyclable materials.
  • Quality Assurance: Committed to chemical stability and durability, with SGS testing and TUV certification for European markets.


CandleScience has been known as the most popular supplier in the candle making industry in the United States since 2003. They serve the needs of DIYers, crafters, and entrepreneurs who are creative. Apart from its vast selection of candle making supplies, CandleScience has gained a reputation for its excellent soy and paraffin candle waxes, fragrance oils, essential oils, soap supplies, as well as a wide range of candle wicks and jars. This commitment in offering an extensive range of items has helped many people and companies to bring their creative ideas into reality.

CandleScience is proud to offer a wide range of candle jars made of glass and ceramic that will meet the taste of any customer. The styles include mason jars, tumbler jars, jelly jars, straight-sided jars, and candle tins which range from 2 oz. to 8 oz. In order to solve the logistic challenges of shipping these fragile items CandleSci While the custom fit, durable shipping boxes offered by Flush Packaging ensures that CandleScience products are delivered safely to customers throughout the United States and Canada without having to sign up or have a special account for wholesale prices.

CandleScience At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆
  • Foundation Year: 2003
  • Location: United State
  • Products Range: Candle and soap making supplies, fragrance oils, essential oils, soy and paraffin waxes, and wicks.
  • Candle Jar Materials: Glass, ceramics
  • Packaging Partner: Flush Packaging for secure delivery of candle jars
  • Distribution Centers: Located in Reno, NV, and Durham, NC, serving across the United States and Canada.
  • Wholesale Availability: No special account or signup needed for wholesale prices.


Ameriglassbottle, which started its business in 1968 in China, began with the local wine and spirit bottle market and has now become a leader in the glass bottle export market. In response to the growing international demand, Ameriglassbottle started to produce a more extensive range of glass products, including candle holders, perfume bottles, aroma bottles, and many others, besides its original wine and spirit bottles. This expansion has resulted in successful partnerships with the most recognized brands in the USA, Australia, Mexico, Europe and beyond, which have gained the brands widespread recognition for their quality and service. Today, Ameriglassbottle is highly acclaimed for its advanced manufacturing facilities which employ the latest machines like I.S., 6S, 8S, 9S, and borosilicate blowing machines, producing 100% recycled glass containers that meet the highest standards, as shown by their ISO and FDA certifications.

The Ameriglassbottle’s product range is interestingly diverse, offering a variety of glass containers that include bottles, jars, and glassware. Their candle jars are made of 100% recyclable glass, which comes in different types such as round, square, large apothecary, and custom candle jars that are made to client’s specifications. This permits businesses to either find or create the appropriate container that is not only functional but also fits their brand’s aesthetic. Ameriglassbottle’s dedication to offering the best customer service and high-quality products at wholesale prices is an indication that they are the company to turn to when you need to buy premium candle jars and decorative containers.

Ameriglassbottle At-a-Glance:

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Established: 1968
  • Location: China
  • Product Range: Specializes in glass containers, including bottles, jars, and glassware
  • Material: Uses 100% recyclable glass for all products
  • Candle Jar Types: Offers round, square, large apothecary, and custom candle jars
  • Certifications: Holds ISO and FDA certifications for food contact suitability.


Established in 2021 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, the city of culture, Klar has rapidly gained the reputation of being a reputable manufacturer and supplier of a multitude of candle products. Klar is a newcomer in the business but it is unique for its professional management and its products such as jar candles, candle gift sets and divine series bowl candles and so on. These products not only represent the latest fashion but also are appropriate for gifting and decorating purposes. In addition, they set the perfect ambiance for any interior. Klar recognizes the versatility of people’s preferences and offers products for home, cafe, hotel and restaurant use.

The partnership with Klar has many benefits. As a single proprietor, it is proud of its dedication to satisfying the global customer expectations through its meticulous attention to detail in the areas of raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and high-level packaging standards. The company’s team of experts guarantees the quality of the products, as well as the prompt delivery, which is essential for meeting bulk orders in a timely manner. Klar’s success is attributed to its focus on quality, responsiveness, personalized services, ethical business conduct, and competitive pricing, targeting a 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
  • Established: 2021
  • Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Product Range: Jar candles, candle gift sets, divine series bowl candles, etc.
  • Suitability: Ideal for decorating and gifting, usable in various spaces.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A focused approach to meeting expectations worldwide.
  • Quality Assurance: Supervision by experts and high-level packaging standards.

How to Choose the Proper Candle Jar Suppliers?

It is very important to choose the right candle jar supplier. It has a lot of bearing on how successful your business is. The right partner sees to it that you always have enough good-quality products. They also ensure that your supply chain works smoothly. This is relevant because the candle market is growing rapidly. Now, more than ever, you must know what you should prioritize when choosing a supplier. These things are quality, cost, the ability to produce more when necessary, and the supplier’s reliability.

When it comes to choosing the proper candle jar suppliers, here are some actionable steps to guide your decision-making process:

  • Assess Product Quality: Pick suppliers that allow you to taste the samples beforehand. This is how you can make sure the quality is what you want.
  • Evaluate Cost-Effectiveness: Compare the prices from various suppliers. However, the lowest price is not always the best option if it means getting a worse quality.
  • Consider Scalability: Select suppliers who can provide you with more products as your business expands. They should not do this at the cost of quality or speed of delivery.
  • Check Supplier Reliability: Try to find out what people comment on the supplier. Good suppliers deliver on time and they have little or no problems.


As we shed some light on the candle jar supply industry, it is clear that each of the nine suppliers we have looked at have their own strengths, which are specially designed to meet the diversity of business requirements. Considering Daxin Glass Bottle as a prime example of the manufacturing capacity, their ability to produce 60 million glass bottles a year proves the kind of volume scalability that can accommodate both large and small businesses, ensuring a steady supply chain that is essential for growth and reliability.

For the customers who have to choose from the multitude of options, the right supplier should be selected after the detailed analysis of the particular business requirements. We encourage buyers to go further than just looking at each supplier by requesting samples, visiting showrooms and factories—to have a complete picture. This knowledge-based approach is a key factor in finding a partner that is not only complementary but also helps to enhance the business operations. Here’s to the perfect supplier who shares your vision and makes your business grow and compete in the fast-moving candle market.



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